Scott Andrew Smotherman

Feb. 28, 1959 — June 15, 2020
It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to our son, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, cousin and friend Scott Andrew Smotherman. Scott suffered a major stroke on the afternoon of June 13, and passed in the early hours of June 15. He fought the good fight, making last call for the last time that Monday morning.

Scott was a competitor in many arenas. He was an athlete who played football, basketball and golf. His greatest passion was being a horseman. Scott and his father were both champions in their respective events. Scott and his family spent most weekends at some horse show somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with the Maize, Johnson and Selig families. Scott won a closet full of ribbons and trophies.

His greatest accomplishment came in November 1977, when his horse placed second in the National Quarter Horse competition in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The competition at this event was far more connected, and immensely more funded than Scott. But the little guy from Warrenton had the guts to gamble his life savings and personal pride to take them on.

Scott was a gregarious guy. He had friends from all walks of life. There is not enough space to acknowledge all of his friends and family, but we must mention a few. Kevin Dunn, Mark Davis and Roger Searle were his partners in crime for much of his adult life. They all had a lot of fun together, but they also did a lot for the community as a whole, and our mother, specifically.

Kevin was always around, helping put up Christmas lights and decorations, and doing other things Sally needed done. Roger, Scott and Mark would make sure Sally had social company after the passing of our father. They were a fun group to be around.

Gloria and Jeff Brown, thank you for all the love and support you showed Scott. Our family will be forever grateful for all you did for him. It always baffled us what he held over your head to enlist the sacrifices and friendship you showed him. Guess you are off the hook, as he took it to his grave. All attempts at humor aside, Gloria, you became family when you took him into your home, and will forever stay family as long as there is a Smotherman walking this earth.

Scott, Buddy is missing you and is having a tough go of it. You treated him very well, and he will keep you in his soul forever.

Scott was born into a fishing family; he was third generation. Scott worked his way to the captain’s chair the old-fashioned way, by working the back deck for various boats, gaining the experience needed to be successful. Scott’s favorite job during this time was crabbing on the F/V No Wonder with Jim “Fifty” Nichols. He loved you a lot Jim, because when he reminisced, most of the stories centered around those times.

Scott became the captain of the F/V Cape St. James, one of the smaller boats in the fleet at 52 feet. This did not deter his competitive spirit, as he fished for shrimp, bottom fish, tuna fish and black cod. Scott was a very good producer, but he was a superior crabber. He took that little boat, and year after year, out-produced most of the fleet. He was in the top tier of poundage caught in Oregon consistently.
Aunt Bonnie Sue and Dominic Kohlasch, leave a chair for him at Thanksgiving dinner; he will miss that special day.