I was a student of his. I learned biology, chemistry, and more in his classes. As the creator of this website, I thought I really needed to comment on this obituary. There is an article above that lays out the basics of his life. I want to say more. He had a very positive influence on my life. He was the only high school teacher who spoke with me as an equal and friend. He let me know that my feelings and troubles were similar to his own growing up. He trusted me enough to share with me his own conflict between wanting to marry the woman he loved and wanting to follow the teachings of his Church. I never broke that trust.

He taught me that learning about our world was an adventure that could be a huge amount of fun. He had a wonderful sense of humor. I made whiskey while in high school to get extra money. I learned how easy it was to make it in his class. He then wound up taking blame for my little enterprise in front of the school board. He attended our class reunion in 1991. He came right up to me and let me have it for the discomfort he had gone through over this. Then he laughed. I loved this man and I hope to see him again.

Edward Weigel